Consul’s role

The Consul is responsible for the protection of the French community with regard to the foreign authorities within the limits and respect of the local legislation. The Consul also governs the French community in accordance with the French legislation and regulations.

On the other hand, in his capacity as the representative of the different French government services, the Consul assumes the various functions intended for the French community.

- Registering French people living within his constituency;

- Under the authority of the Ambassador, issuing birth, marriage and death certificates;

- In charge of the notary’s functions, the issues relating to the military obligations (organisation of the National Security Day), the issue of travel documents, national identity cards, etc ;

- Providing the consular protection in case of arrest, incarceration, serious accidents or illness; he can intervene in cases of repatriation;

- Presiding the overseas vote centres;

- Organising and conducting the local grant commission, the consular committee for the protection of social action, the consular committee for employment and vocational training.

published on 14/11/2007

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