Homeland security office


The Office of homeland security attaché represents, at the heart of the Embassy of France, the Ministry of the Interior (Police Nationale, Defence and Civil Security) as well as the Gendarmerie Nationale, military force stemming from the Ministry of Defence.

The Office of homeland security is led either by a senior officer of the Gendarmerie Nationale, or a by a police superintendent. He locally manages the delegation of the Service de Coopération Technique Internationale de Police (SCTIP). He can be backed up by a Deputy Attaché of Homeland Security or by an assistant.


He is mainly involved in:

- contributing to French homeland security by fostering experiences and information exchanges between French and Qatari services ;
- implementing and assessing technical cooperation projects concerning homeland security, endorsed by the Franch ministry of Foreign Affairs ;
- taking part in actions and works of international organisations related to homeland security ;
- contributing to crisis prevention and management actions.

published on 13/09/2014

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