How to get a visa ?



Since December the 11th 2013, visas applications for France are being collected in Qatar by the Capago-MENA company.

If you need an appointment please register on the Capago-MENA website, HERE.

Required documents for a short stay
or transit visa :

  • Visa application form duly filled in and signed by the applicant, find below.
    PDF - 750.5 kb
    (PDF - 750.5 kb)
  • Two applicant’s recent passport size photos WHITE background
  • Copy of the passport and of previous Schengen visas
  • Bank statement (last 3 months) showing salary transfer
  • Copy of flight booking (round trip)
  • Copy of hotel booking or of the « attestation d’accueil » stamped by French authorities
  • Copy of travel insurance covering all medical expenses and repatriation up to 30000 €
  • Copy of the invitation letter from the company in France

JPEG In case of business trip

Non Qatari citizens have to attach also:

  • Copy of the resident permit
  • A letter from the sponsor showing clearly the monthly salary, the position in the company, the purpose of the trip, the starting date and the duration of the professional contract.
    This letter must state to guaranty the return of the applicant to Qatar after the trip

Please bear in mind that:

  • Original passport must be shown when applying
  • for a visa
  • In order to take fingers prints and picture (new biometrical procedure), every applicant over 12 years must submit his own application.
  • Administrative and security process before answer varies from a nationality to another and can reach 15 days.
  • Separate application form must be filled in for children; regardless of their age and even if they appear on their parent’s passport.

Requirements for French citizen’s spouse:

  • Duly filled and signed application form
  • Copy of the applicant’s passport
  • Two recent pictures (WHITE background)
  • Copy of the resident permit in Qatar
  • Proof of nationality of the French citizen
  • Copy of the French consulate registration card
  • Copy of the marriage transcription (stamped for less than three months)


House employees of a French or foreign citizen, travelling with their employer to France for a short visit (less than 3 months)
As any foreign citizen coming to France to work, on full or part time basis, domestic and private employee of either French or foreign citizen, coming to France with his employer in order to work, has to hold a work authorisation, stamped by French authorities. The employer has to apply for this agreement from Labour department (Direction du travail) from the Préfecture (Art.R. 341-1 du Code du travail).
Therefore, employer and employee have to sign a work contract complying with French law. This contract must be duly approved by the DDTEFP, i.e. the relevant authority for the area where they are going to stay.
If the employee is only intending to spend holidays in France, he should apply for a visit visa and will provide a certificate from his employer, also signed by him, stating that he won’t work while he will be in France.

Required documents for students long stay visa:

  • A long stay application form duly filled and signed, find below.
    PDF - 47.8 kb
    (PDF - 47.8 kb)
  • Two recent ID photographs at the French standards (White Background)
  • ORIGINAL + 1 COPY : Of a valid passport + copy of the pages containing the personal data + a copy of the resident permit
  • Registration confirmation of the university, education institution or training centre.
  • COPY: of the A level certificate or equivalent, registration attestation ….
  • COPIES: for the applicant with scholarship: attestation of the scholarship showing the amount and the duration.
    For other applicants : A minimum of 430€ is required to cover the monthly expenses (A statement of account issued by a French bank showing the transfer of such an amount or the guarantor resources attestation must be provided )


Application fees:


Since 1st January 2007, application fees are 60 € for all visit visas (either short stay
or airport transit) to be paid in Qatari Riyals only, according to the official exchange rate.
Fees for long stay visas are 99 € according to same rate.
Visas are free for UE citizen’s families and for applicants holding diplomatic or service passports.
Fees are not refundable, whatever the outcome of the application.
Please have with you the exact amount in local currency

published on 15/02/2015

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