The Voltaire Qatari-French School

All you need to know about the Qatari-French school

1 – Why choose the Qatari-French school in Doha for your children ?

The Doha Qatari-French School, also known as lycée Voltaire, opened in West Bay in September 2007. It provides the children with the finest education, based on three major principles :

  • its curricula, matching those of the French Ministry of National Education abide by the high standards of the French educational system.
  • it places a strong emphasis on teaching the Arabic language and the Qatari culture.
  • it offers a trilingual teaching environment (French, English, Arab).

2 – Who is the teaching and pedagogical team ?

Most of the teaching staff of the school is composed of French teachers accredited and employed by the French Ministry of National Education. Arabic teaching, as for it, is delivered by Arab teachers who are native Arabic speakers. The headmaster and the chief accountant are civil servants from the Ministry of National Education.

3 – What insitution is responsible for the pedagogical, administrative and financial management of the lycée Voltaire ?

The management of the School falls in the purview of he French Secular Mission (Mission laïque française, MLF), a registered charity (under the Association Law of 1901) set up in 1902, recognised as being of public utility in 1907 and affiliated by convention with both the Ministries of National Education and Foreign Affairs. The MLF’s vocation is to diffuse and promote the French language and culture worldwide, in particular through intercultural teaching. Its motto is “two cultures, three languages”.

4 -Which courses and grades are offered ?

It is expected that students complete their studies and reach the French Baccalauréat level.

5 – Who can apply to the School ?

The School welcomes all the children of schooling age. Although priority is given to Qatari children, children of all nationalities are welcomed, depending upon availability.

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