Oryx FM, the French speaking radio in Qatar

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January 16th 2011 marked the launch of Oryx FM, a new French radio service in Qatar. Oryx FM will broadcast 24hours, 7 days a week on the proposed frequency 94FM Stereo.
Oryx FM is the result of cooperation between the state of Qatar and France. It is also more uniquely, a partnership between Qatar Media Corporation and Radio France Internationale.
Oryx FM is the meeting of the ’Francophone’ and Arabic cultures in Qatar.
Qatar Broadcast Services (QBS) offered all the facilities to make this project successful. QBS offered a new studio, and a new frequency being 94FM. QBS will propose to Oryx FM more technicians and will train them to use the new equipment.
RFI have already trained the team of Oryx FM and will coach them during the following months. The team is composed of journalists, presenters and producers.
On January 16th 2011, Oryx FM will broadcast a new variety of programmes, with three daily prime times. Oryx FM will focus on local news and services broadcasting flash news every hour. RFI as the radio partner will offer programmes on culture and on actuality. Oryx FM will target and cater for the French speaking community in Qatar.
Oryx FM has a future vision to broadcast throughout the Gulf over the coming years, and will be the first French speaking radio, which addresses the Arabic speaking community in the region.

Listen to Oryx FM live on the Internet!

published on 26/09/2012

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