Political section

- Ambassador : H.E.M. Franck GELLET
- Deputy Head of Mission
- Second Counsellor
- Second Counsellor

Contact: (+974) 44021777


The activity of the political counselors is threefold - offer input concerning Qatari affairs to the French government, maintain a good working relationship with the State of Qatar and assist in implementing French foreign policy in Qatar.

With the help of the press section, the political advisors analyze Qatari foreign and domestic policy and the political, economic and social climate as it relates to France and its interests. Gathering and analyzing relevant information, the advisors track trends in public opinion and keep tabs on government activities. To do so, they maintain close contacts with Qatari officials and other persons of relevance. With appropriate knowledge, the political staff advises the Ambassador, with whom they work very closely, as well as send reports to the French Foreign Ministry.

The Ambassador and his political advisors are official representatives of the French government. Consequently, many of the diplomatic relations that take place between France and the State of Qatar are carried out through the embassy.

published on 26/08/2018

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