Press and communication section

Under the ambassador’s authority and in close relation with other sections, the activity of the Press and Communication section is threefold : inform, communicate and provide resource.

  • Inform : both internal and external
    • Internal information : Hand over French official information and resource to embassy’s sections. Observe local and panarabic media for the ministry of Foreign Affairs and the embassy.
    • External information : Interaction with Qatari media to get and spread the most accurate news. Hand over ministry of Foreign Affairs’s spokesman statements and French authorities statements on foreign policy. Release information papers.
  • Communicate : The Press and Communication section is focused on imparting information.
    • Actions of communication : ambassador’s statements, press statements, answering journalists’ questions, visits of key figures, etc)
    • Assistance to local and foreign journalists. Interaction with local authorities.
    • Maintain the embassy’s website.
  • Provide resource : Spreading official publications of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, such as "Label France", and provide resource about France.

To contact us :

- Press Counsellor, Head of Press section

Telephone : (+974) 44021712
(+947) 66214932

published on 15/09/2016

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