Schengen visa applicants at the French Embassy (CAPAGO Mena)

- Since June 16th 2014, a hotel booking is no longer requested for== all == Schengen visa applications. Applicants only need to mention their address during their stay on the application form.

- However, the applicant needs to provide proof of sufficient financial means covering the whole period of stay in the Schengen States. The minimum requested amount is 120 euros per day of stay in France. For all the other Schengen States, the amount will be calculated according to the figures published in the European Union Official Bulletin.

- Upon their arrival in France, the border police can request information concerning the place of residence during the stay in the Schengen States. If the traveler is unable to provide this information, the traveler must at least provide proof of sufficient funds for the whole stay (cash, traveler’s checks, credit cards, etc...).

- If the traveler is hosted by an individual, he must provide regular proof of accommodation ("attestation d’hébergement").
The proof of accommodation can also be requested for other means of accommodation (institutions, camping-
cars, hospitals, property rentals, etc...).

- From October 30th 2016 onwards, the Embassy of France in Doha will not represent Portugal in visa matters. Please contact directly the Portuguese Embassy in Doha if you want to apply for a visa for Portugal :
The Portuguese Embassy Website in Qatar :

This new procedure does not apply for visas issued by the French Embassy on behalf of Iceland.

published on 28/01/2018

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